InkWip was created & patented by Mario Aguirre in 2008. The InkWip headquarters is nestled by the beach in Venice, California, where Mario lives and works as a product designer, inventor, compost guru, craftsman and pro salvager.

Prior to the invention of the InkWip Mario worked as a high school Algebra teacher for over 10 years in South Central LA. It's here, in the classroom where he had the epiphany for a 'tool' that would enable him and other teachers to always have a pen handy that would forever end the frustration of always looking for one.

Things that intrigue, inspire, and motivate Mario as a designer: surfing, the works of Tesla, diesel engines, squidgens, recycling, worms, 50cent, travel, educating and love for his triumphant chicken.

For information on custom InkWip designs and quotes, please contact:

Mario Aguirre
Venice, CA 90291